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About Aatm Yoga Shala

"Aatm yoga shala" the name of our school itself means "soul" , a place which will lead you to the path of self realization and create a strong connection to your soul and make you listen to your inner voice.
At aatm yogshala we aim and believe that yoga will create a positive change and establish a wider and a clearer vision towards life .

Away from the fast pace life of limitless desires & expectations, here at the banks of Mother Ganga you will touch base with reality of the universal language of spirituality.

Our school will help u establish a firm foundation for your self practice. The school will not only fulfill your expectations under the expertise of the teachers but also create a conducive environment for you to maintain and achieve stability and build stronger roots according to yogic disciple. The accomodation is provided keeping in mind the comfort and space for a individual to feel at home. The school aims at providing an enriching yogic experience. Inspite of Rishikesh having more than a 100 yoga schools our shala can be differentiated by the years of experience & personal touch the teachers of our school give to each student. They make sure that every student gains what they intend to achieve throughout their one month journey. The classes are designed keeping in mind the specific aspects of yoga roots through lectures and yoga asanas.

Here you will explore the vastness of the word yoga and the link it creates in our subconscious mind and gradually form a strong discipline to unify opposing forces and bring together the body and the mind. Students will be directed to accomplish a overall transformation by learning the intricate physiology of the body, mind & breath. Through the process of abhyasa (regular practice) we will activate and purify our energy and consciously experience the power of wisdom and self study.

Aatm Yoga Shala, Rishikesh founded by Yogi Amit, is one of the leading Yoga Institute for Teachers' Training Programmes, in Rishikesh.The Aatm yoga Shala aims to spread the knowledge of Yoga all over the world, making world a better and healthy place to live in.



The dedicated team of Yoga Gurus in the Aatm Yoga Shala work together to cultivate a sense of understanding, happiness and peace through the knowledge of Yoga. It is only through this knowledge a person can live a compassionate life free of greed and ego.


Aatm Yogashala ‘s Mission is to spread the knowledge of Yoga in the world and making more and more people learn and practise Yoga, thus empowering the whole humanity to live a vibrant and creative life.

Our Culture

Working in the environment like Rishikesh, Aatm Yogashala creates a bright spiritual atmosphere to produce a high intensity of energy which you can feel around you when you are practicing with us.

Our Team

Aatm Yogashala believes in team work to provide a healthy living surroundings. Our team members are very enthusiastic and always work hard to give their best to make you satisfied eternally.

Aatm Yoga Shala currently conducts 200 Hrs Teachers’ Training Programmes and drop in classes for the students and seekers visiting Rishikesh for the knowledge of Yoga. The classes are conducted for Ashtanga, Vinayasa, Hatha Yoga, Meditation etc. All the courses of the Aatm Yoga Shala have been accredited with “Yoga Alliance USA”