200 hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh India

Yoga Alliance USA certified 200 hours Yoga Teaer Training Course in Rishikesh, India

200 Hour yoga teaer training indiaJoin residential best 200 hour yoga teaer training course in rishikesh india certified by Yoga Alliance USA at aatm yogashala yoga sool in india, 200 Hour Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teaer Training Course in Rishikesh, India - Yoga Course Certified with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Sool in Rishikesh.

Aatm Yogashala, Rishikesh provides you 200 hours yoga teaer training course and Hatha yoga courses certified by Yoga Alliance, the USA after successfully completing 100 hours yoga teaer training course. Yoga is referred to as the coalescence of mind and body of a human life. It is the most optimum way to attain a peaceful state of mind along with the healthy body.

The world capital of Yoga "Rishikesh", is the most suitable place for learning Yoga & certified yourself as a good Yoga teaer. AATM Yogashala is the best Yoga Teaer Training Institute in Rishikesh India & an International certified Yoga teaer training sool along the riverside of divine river Ganga & in the foothills of spectacular mountains range of Himalaya.

AATM Yogashala is the best Yoga and meditation sool in Rishikesh India and is having a team of experienced and dynamic yoga teaers whi helps students to get involved in every small aspects and knowledge of Yoga and transformed their life towards a perfect Yogi.

Our teaers make all possible efforts to share the theoretical as well as practical knowledge and experience to the students who came all the way from different parts for learning. Our main aim is to provide a Traditional Yoga Sool in Rishikesh India in whi students can learn the traditional Yoga with the modern teniques also. If anyone wants to study yoga in India along with the best practical knowledge than AATM Yogashala is the most authentic yoga teaer training sool in Rishikesh. It is one of the best place to learn Yoga in India and also amongs the best yoga ashrams of India.

Our experienced yoga teaers help students to resolve their queries and to attain the mental, physical and spiritual meaning of Yoga during their course. As discipline is one of the optimum parts of Yoga, as only the person who is in discipline throughout his life can be a good Yogi. So we tea our students the syllabus of Yoga Alliance with proper discipline.

We at AATM Yogashala are tenacious to give our students a friendly environment as we perceive that if a person is free from pressure and tensions a better learning can be possible. We also make a close wat towards food and diet of our students.

200 yoga ttc in indiaHatha Yoga teaer training course (200 hours) at AATM Yogashala, Rishikesh will help in increasing the practical knowledge towards the finest aspects of Yoga. Our specialized 200 hours TTC course is specially designed keeping in mind the person who is willing to start up their career as a Yoga teaer or to learn the proper positions of Yoga.

Whether you are advanced Yoga practitioner, intermediate or a beginner our 200 hours teaer training course helps to understand all the concepts of Yoga and also helps in increasing your efficiency as a professional. Our teaing manner is su that we consider the authentic and traditional aspects of Yoga along with the modern guise so that you can easily organize your body, mind, and soul.

Our motive is to make you as a Yoga teaer with an attractive and dynamic personality so that other students are eager to learn and get inspired by you. In shortly AATM Yogashala not only make yoga teaers but we make Yoga Gurus. As in our life, there may be many teaers but Guru is only one, who is dynamic, filled with confidence and strong willpower, an inspiration for disciples and a stockpile of Yogic knowledge.

After completing our 200 hours teaer training course you can recognize the physical, mental and spiritual ange in yourself for contributing a healthy and prosperous lifestyle to folks through your skills you had learned from us. For this, we have also included the history of Yoga, daily anting, mediation along with pranayama, philosophy of Yoga and its anatomy in our curriculum.

Key features of our course are:-

  • Experienced & dynamic Yog Gurus & instructors certified by Yoga Alliance.
  • Emphatic learning program for beginners & intermediate.
  • Learning Yoga in World's Yoga Capital i.e. Rishikesh.
  • Economical Teaer Training Courses in India.
  • Friendly and calm learning environment.
Daily Sedule

200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training Daily Sedule

Daily sedule is designed to accommodate the requirement of Yoga Alliance USA – 200 Hrs YTTC with other norms of yoga sool. Waking up in the early morning at 5:30 am and sleeping early at 10:00 pm is encouraged and self-practice is always appreciated.

05:30am - Wake Up

Waking up early in the morning before sunrise activates your energy level. According to Indian culture, this is the time at whi God showers his blessings in terms of energy, healthy body and peaceful mind & soul. Early risers always have enthusiastic mindset throughout the day. Early rising helps in maintaining the discipline of life whi is one of the crucial element of Yoga

06:00am - Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea is very effective for health & burns excess fat of body. It increases metabolism and lowers the concentration of antioxidants

06:15am - Shatkarma/Yogic Cleansing

Shatkarma is the process of purification of the body by removing toxins and making our body healthy, strong, disease free and clean

06:30am - Pranayama and mudra / bandha

Pranayama is the process of controlling of breath and vital energy of the body. It helps inactivation of a human body. Prana means a vital force whi holds the body. Mudra goes along with Pranayama to recapitulate the Prana in the whole body and thus preventing its leakage

07:30am - Yoga Asana

Every small error in Yog Asanas of students is corrected making them professionally correct in Yoga. Emphasis is been given to the correct postures and its importance in Yogic life

09:00am - Breakfast

It's time for healthy and tasty satvic food for maintaining the energy level

10:30am - Yoga Anatomy

Guest lecture on Yoga Anatomy to increase theoretical knowledge. Students will cognize the Anatomy of Yoga to increase their knowledge on the subject

11:30am - Yoga Philosophy

Guest lecture on Yoga Philosophy to strengthen students' knowledge)

12:30pm - Lun

Time to have a healthy & satvic lun.

02:00pm - Free Time

Go to library either enjoy your time

03:00 pm - Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Asana

Hatha refers to the practicing of different Yoga Postures/Asanas. It is also a beginning step for preparation of higher meditation Yoga

06:15 pm - Meditation/mantra anting/ music concert

It helps in concentrating yourself to attain peace of mind and relief

07:15pm - Dinner

Enjoy healthy and tasty dinner to discard the hectic sedule of the day

09:00pm - Lights Off

Time to relax for the next day workout and swit off the lights) Timing can ange by situation. we will inform you…

Timing can ange by situation. we will inform you…

Certification with Yoga Alliance USA

Registered with "Yoga Alliance USA", AATM Yogashala can easily be sear on Sool sear portal of Yoga Alliance. AATM Yogashala is certificating their students with RYT-200 certificate in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow.

Students completing 200 Hours TTC course from AATM Yogashala becomes RYT-200 certified teaer.

Follow these easy steps to your career.

  • Book a seat of TTC for you on org web portal
  • Successful complete your 200 hours TTC course with your respective yoga form.
  • After issuing of Yoga Certificate, log on to Yoga Alliance and register yourself as a Yoga Teaer.
  • Wait for the verification by Yoga Alliance once you upload the scanned copy of certifications to your profile.
  • Your verification is verified by AATM Yogashala.
  • Your profile verification is successfully done by AATM Yogashala.
  • Now you are a RYT-200 certified yoga teaer.

200 hour Yoga Teaer Training Course in Rishikesh, India Certified by Yoga Alliance, USA | RYS 200

200 Yoga TTC Dates Pricing (double sharing room) Pricing (privat room)
200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh, India 3rd Feb to 1st Mar2019 1300 USD 1400 USD
200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh, India 3rd Mar to 29th Mar 2019 1300 USD 1400 USD
200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh, India 3rd Apr to 29th Apr 2019 1300 USD 1400 USD
200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh, India 3rd May to 29th May 2019 1300 USD 1400 USD
200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh, India 3rd Jun to 29th Jun 2019 1300 USD 1400 USD
200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh, India 3rd Jul to 29th Jul 2019 1300 USD 1400 USD
200 Hour Yoga Teaer Training in Rishikesh, India 3rd Aug to 29th Aug 2019 1300 USD 1400 USD

Course Fee - 1400 USD

Booking amount is not refundable if any problem occurs it will be valid for one year you can join any course in between suitable dates.

200 Hours Distribution
200 Hours Distribution

Our 200 Hours Yoga Teaer Training course is bifurcated in su a way that it comprise a 6 to 8 hours class of Asanas, Philosophy, Anatomy, Pranayama, self-practice & anting. Focusing on the teniques of our students and repeatedly practicing position of Yoga or Yoga Asanas is our key factor. We at AATM have bifurcated our course duration into training session, methodology and learning anatomy & physiology for whi duration of 100 hours, 25 hours and 20 hours is allotted respectively. 30 hours and 25 hours is allotted to philosophy & ethical conduct and practicum respectively.


Syllabus of 200 Hours Teaer Training Course

In our 4 weeks training program, we taught and make our students practiced the subjects whi are useful for them in their future Yoga career. Subjects included in the course are as follows:-


  • Pranayama, anting & meditation: It comprises of Physiology, Methodology & Practicum. Pranayama is the process of controlling of breathing or vital energy in the body. In this subject, students learn methods to control their breath and to function with vital energy in the central body part. It is an important subject for our students to make them professionally sound for their Yogic future.
  • Asana: It comprises Methodology and Asana Practice. Daily four hours practice of Yogic postures is to be done. Introduction of students with the different types of yogic postures is done in a methodical manner with increasing the difficulty level step by step. After your basic practice of Asana is done then students encounters with asana flows, adjustments and awareness & breathe of subtle aspects.
  • Yoga Anatomy: It covers Anatomy. Learning and explanation of aspects of physiology and anatomy for increasing efficiency of classroom explanations, asanas corrections, and cues.
  • Shatkarma: It covers Methodology and Practicum session. Shatkarma involves sanctification of body in early morning in association with the practices of various Asana.
  • Yoga Philosophy: It covers basic Yoga Philosophy, history and concepts of yoga. It is a combination of both traditional Yogic practices along with modern lifestyle.
Recommended Books:
  • AHY Coulter, David H., Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: 2010
  • APMB Nityananda Saraswati, Swami. Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha: Bihar Sool of Yoga: 2010.
  • YA Kaminoff, Leslie. Matthews, Amy. Yoga Anatomy, Second edition: 2011

Note: AATM Yogashala also provide study materials. Also for further reference and understandings you can buy other textbooks from local shops too.

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