RYT 300 Hours Advanced Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India

Advanced & Professional

After completing 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course; if you are thinking to learn more then, why wait? Join a group of yoga aspirants from all over the world looking for their next step or next yoga teaching journey. This is an advanced program with an advanced syllabus that means whatever you gain is surely more than previous. Gain the advanced study of teaching techniques, philosophy, meditation, pranayama and so on. With this course, make strong your foundational knowledge. Yoga is not a competition; indeed it is a dedication, a devotion. Yoga is all about experiencing the practice itself. With the vast course of 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, one can master one's yoga skills and sharpen their knowledge about yoga and all its aspects.
The curriculum of the 300 Hours Yoga TTC at Aatm Yogashala in Rishikesh is designed by the standards of Yoga Alliance. It also includes the part of yoga certification. From vast yoga techniques, training and practice to Practicum, the course of 300 Hours YTTC contains a lot more. One should definitely experience the Advanced level of yoga course, i.e., 300 Hours Yoga Course by spending time in Mother India can be a really transformational experience. And, when it comes to choosing a city for Yoga in India; then what's better than Rishikesh? Sets with a natural environment and covered with wonderful scenery, the place gives you an exotic experience. Actually Rishikesh is a great yoga hang-out to spend an extended time away in.


Course Overview

  • Duration: 35 Days
  • Fees: 1900 USD with private room
    and 1700 USD with double sharing room
  • Early Bird Discount: Upto 10% (T&Cs) [^]
  • Date: 02nd - 15thof every month
  • Style: Multi-style [Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar]
  • Level: Advanced
  • Location: Yoga Village, Swargashram
  • Certification: Yoga Alliance USA
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Highlights & Key Features

Includes, Syllabus & Activities

Cost Includes:

  • ✔ FREE taxi pick-up (from Dehradun Airport)
  • ✔ 35 Nights Accommodation
  • ✔ 3 Meals a day during the course (100% Veg)
  • ✔ Special Dietary (Raw, Vgan, Gluten Free)
  • ✔ Airy room with balcony
  • ✔ Attached bathroom with hot water
  • ✔ Free Wi-Fi 24*7
  • ✔ 2 times tea a day (Indian/Ayurvedic/Herbal)
  • ✔ Filtered drinking water (hot/cold) 24*7
  • ✔ All teaching materials and modules
  • ✔ Ayurvedic body massage
  • ✔ RYT 300 Hours Yoga Alliance certification

Course Syllabus:

  • ✔ Shatkarmas (Kriyas)
  • ✔ Pranayama
  • ✔ Morning Hatha Yoga Practice
  • ✔ Yoga Philosophy
  • ✔ Ayurveda & Nutrition Diet
  • ✔ Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
  • ✔ Adjustment & Alignment
  • ✔ Evening Ashtanga Vinyasa Session
  • ✔ Meditation & Mantra Chanting
  • ✔ Mudras & Bandhas
  • ✔ Teaching Methodology
  • ✔ Introduction to Astrology

Beyond the Courses:

  • ✔ Opening Hawan (Fire) Ceremony
  • ✔ Pahadi House Himalayan Retreat
  • ✔ Ganga Arti Parmath Niketan Ashram
  • ✔ Kunjapuri Temple Tour for Sunrise View
  • ✔ Outdoor Yoga by the Ganges
  • ✔ Meditation Cave Tour (Mouni/Vashishtha)
  • ✔ 13th floors Bhootnath Temple (Sunset View)
  • ✔ 100 Years old Beatles Ashram
  • ✔ Classical music concert with Gurukul students
  • ✔ Dance Class (Bollywood, Classical)
  • ✔ Satsang Retreat by the Ganges
  • ✔ Outdoor play in the Garden

Course Syllabus : 300 Hour Teacher Training Couse

100 Hours
Pranayama, Mantra chanting & Meditation
It comprises of Physiology, Methodology & Practicum. Pranayama is the process of controlling of breathing or vital energy in the body. In this subject, students learn methods to control their breath and to function with vital energy in the central body part. It is an important subject for our students to make them professionally sound for their Yogic future.
100 Hours
Asanas Classes
It comprises Methodology and Asana Practice. Daily four hours practice of Yogic postures is to be done. Introduction of students with the different types of yogic postures is done in a methodical manner with increasing the difficulty level step by step. After your basic practice of Asana is done then students encounters with asana flows, adjustments and awareness & breathe of subtle aspects.
40 Hours
Yoga Anatomy & Teaching Methodology,
It covers Anatomy. Learning and explanation of aspects of physiology and anatomy for increasing efficiency of classroom explanations, asanas corrections, and cues.
30 Hours
It covers Methodology and Practicum session. Shatkarma involves sanctification of body in early morning in association with the practices of various Asana.
20 Hours
Yoga Philosophy
It covers basic Yoga Philosophy, history and concepts of yoga. It is a combination of both traditional Yogic practices along with modern lifestyle.